Halisi Consulting


Halisi Consulting is an advisory firm offering services in strategy advisory, human resource consulting, training and development, change management and coaching. The firm is intent on enhancing organizational and individual capacities to reach their maximum potential.

Halisi Business Partners

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Halisi Business Partners seeks to provide necessary resources and support structures to stabilize selected Micro & Small Enterprises and grow them to maturity. HBP helps SMEs grow and flourish in business, partnering with them to bring to reality the vision of the businesses through advise, provision of tools, and support in developing and implementing a strategy for growth.

Halisi Knowledge Centre


Halisi Knowledge Centre is an e-learning platform developed to cater to supplementary education needs to individuals cutting across all levels of education. The institution purposes to provide knowledge solutions outside traditional learning environments while ensuring excellence in performance.

Halisi Logistics


Halisi Logistics was formed with the aim of providing transport solutions to clients. Whether exporting, importing or looking to move goods locally, you can count on the company to offer reliable and affordable conveyance services.

Halisi Solutions


Halisi Solutions was established with the view of ensuring that companies take lead in embracing and exploiting the large volumes of technological advancements in this era. In consequence, the company provides advanced technology-based solutions to corporates, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations amongst other institutions.